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  • Moissanite Stone: A Pristine Gem with a Rich History, Brilliant Sparkle, and Essential Care Tips

      In the vast and captivating world of gemstones, moissanite is a captivating choice that has garnered immense popularity for its stunning beauty a...
  • Cleaning & Storing Your Pearl Jewelry

    As beautiful as cultured pearls are they are a delicate gem and need to be cared for to last a lifetime and beyond. Even though pearls have natural...
  • Seven Distinctive Pearl Shapes

    A pearl lover's guide to understanding the seven pearl shapes used to create trendy, modern and classic jewelry pieces.
  • Pearls - The Fashion Accessory Of All Time

    From 2300 BC to now - a quick overview on Pearls, their influence on fashion, and the various lengths available.
  • 925 Sterling Silver - What Makes it Genuine Silver

    A brief history of Sterling Silver.